Bandit Suspending Minnow

Bandit Suspending Minnow
A customer asked us recently why the Bandit Suspending Minnow and the idea of it being "suspending" mattered when trolling. A great question that we developed a long response to. 
As far as trolling, yes your lures are mostly diving down to a set depth and staying there when pulled under constant tension. Trolling anglers that evolve and learn more with continued time on the water learn that sometimes the fish do not want to strike a lure that is running at a constant speed, in a straight line. Walleye are predatory fish and often want to feed on a reaction bite. This can come in the form of a change to the lures presentation. We often "slam on the brakes" or "put the foot on the gas" when trolling, if the bite is off/slow. This creates a change to the lure speed, which can cause a reaction strike. If we slow enough and rapidly enough, it can create some slack in line as the planer boards still have forward momentum. This is where this lure would "pause" or rise slowly, compared to the standard deep bandit rising rapidly. When we do sharp turns or "s turns" the inside boards will often go slack, depending how sharp of a turn we make. We do this when the fish are being finicky and if often triggers strikes. The lures are going from a consistent, robotic swimming cadence to a dramatic slow down/pause. The suspending minnows will act different in this circumstance as well, when compared to the original walleye deep bandit. Will it matter? Will it be enough of a difference to show different results? That is still to be determined. This lure is still hot off the press with little swim time, so there is a lot to learn. Keep in mind, it does have a different bill on it, which will change the action, at least slightly. So even though it's being looked at as a "bandit" just suspending, it's really a totally different lure. Most days you will do fine with any deep diving stick baits when trolling for walleye. BUT, there are reasons why we have 30 different brands, many different body styles, body lengths, rattles, no rattles, high frequency rattles, low frequency rattles, etc. They all have their time and place. Time will tell if this specific lure develops ownership of it's own time and place in the right conditional circumstances.
Bandit Suspending Minnow vs Bandit Deep Walleye Tank Test
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