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2 Caddy Standard - Holds Offshore and many more!

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The 2 Caddy STANDARD STYLE holds many of the most popular planer boards. It will hold boards that are 3.5'' wide or less planer boards that do not have a rear pin extending beyond 3.5'' or a keel will fit in the standard style. It will hold up to 6 boards. Below are a few of the planer board models that this unit holds. 

  • Offshore OR12's
  • Yellowbird size 50, 100 and 600
  • Gator
  • Cabelas Advanced Angler
  • Opti- standard/medium size and mini size
  • Krazy Wolf 

The center storage tray is available in orange or black. Select the tray color from the drop down.

The tray can hold tackle, pliers, snap weights, tools and many other types of fishing gear. The center tray is 9'' Long x 6'' Wide x 1.5'' Deep. You can fit a lot of accessories in this tray!  

Mounts to any common seat base. For mounting questions; Click HERE to see the installation video! Click HERE to see the product demonstration video!

Click HERE for a copy of the seat base mount installation instructions! Click HERE to see the unit in action while running in rough water. The planer boards stay put not only while running on the water, but in rough water too. 

Construction High Density Plastics Stainless Steel Fasteners 
Installation Mounts to any common seat base with 4 stainless steel fasteners 
Dimensions 15.5'' x 11.25'' x 3''
Weight 8lbs 


** Planer boards, rods/reels, lures or other accessories in the pictures are not included. Seat base/seat post are not included. You are buying the caddy system only. **
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