Bandit Deep Walleye - Top Stock Colors

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Bandit Walleye Deep Diving Crankbaits! These crankbaits are absolutely killer for walleye on the great lakes! We run them EVERY time we are on the water trolling for walleye. All colors we sell are ones that are tried, tested and always being used on the Fishing Addiction Gear boat. We have tried all of the stock colors over the years and have narrowed them down to our favorites. Don't waste time and money buying all stock colors when we have already done it for you. You will not be disappointed with this color selection. They are producers year round. You can catch fish on them in winter at a .8mph troll and up to 3mph in the summer. Extremely versatile and productive in all situations. Also grab some of our snap weights HERE to increase the diving depth by double!  

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Colors Currently Available:

  • Blue Chrome
  • Red Firetiger
  • Taco Salad
  • Blue Shiner 
  • Firetiger
  • Viral Perch
  • Chartreuse Blue Back 
  • Clown

    Lure Details:

    Maximum Diving Depth - 27 ft. 5/8 oz. 4 3/4'' Long. Dive Chart for this lure is available on the Precision Trolling Data app.