Walleye Jig Kit

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These are the Jigs that we use on the Fishing Addiction Gear boat when jigging the Detroit and St Clair Rivers for walleye. These can also be used on Lake Erie when jigging the reefs. Premium walleye jigs with Bondy Bait plastics! Each jig also comes with a removable stinger hook. The bondy plastics are made from the musky grade plastic, so you will typically lose the jig before you wear out the plastic! Extremely durable! We have boated up to 50 walleye on a single Bondy plastic body. The slim walleye jig head style cuts the current to give you better contact with bottom. Much better feel when compared to a roundball jig. Kits shown assembled for reference. 

Available in 3/4 or 1oz 6pk Kits. Each kit contains: 

  • Goldeneye - 2 jigs, 2 bodies, 1 stinger
  • Silver Streak- 2 jigs, 2 bodies, 1 stinger
  • Bombshell - 2 jigs, 2 bodies, 1 stinger
  • 1 Jig Box

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