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Planer Board Caddy Standard

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Fishing Addiction Gear Presents The Standard Planer Board Caddy! This standard caddy holds 3 boards in each caddy. Each caddy comes pre-drilled with mounting holes and 1'' stainless steel fasteners. Easily install with any standard drill! You can store all sorts of different fishing gear in the standard version, not just planer boards. In addition to the most popular planer boards, the standard version will also hold dipsy divers, stern planers, tools and much more! With it's rigid construction, it does not collapse when trying to store boards, like similar options on the market that are made out of cloth or mesh. One hand, no fuss and your boards are stored! 

Choose from a single caddy or 2pk from the drop down menu! 

The STANDARD STYLE holds many of the most popular planer boards. The standard model holds a maximum of 3 boards in each caddy. It holds all 3.5'' wide or less planer boards that do not have a rear pin extending beyond 3.5'' or a keel. Below are a few of the planer board models that this unit holds. Standard Caddies are 11.25'' x 6'' x 2''. 

  • Offshore OR12's - With or Without Tattle Flags
  • OR38 - Crappie Fishing Model 
  • Yellowbird size 50, 100 and 600 - With or Without Flags 
  • Gator - With or Without Flags 
  • Cabelas Advanced Angler - With or Without Flags 
  • Opti- standard/medium size and mini size - With Flags
  • Krazy Wolf - With Flags 
    ** YOU MUST make sure you have adequate clearance when installing your caddies. Make sure to double check that the provided screws aren't too long for your application. ** Depending on the type of material you are attaching the units to, you may need to pre-drill or bolt the caddies to your boat.
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