Planer Board Tree - Standard Version

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The Planer Board Tree system is designed to fit right into all standard 3'' track systems. It will fit Berts, Traxtech, Cannon, Cisco, just to name a few. The unit comes with thumb screws to lock it in place. This unit will hold up to 12 planer boards. It can also hold other fishing gear such as dispy divers, stern planers, jet divers, etc. Our planer board tree system was inspired by anglers with limited space in their boats. The planer board tree is only 5.5'' deep, so it fits perfect behind livewells and storage compartments in many styles of popular fiberglass boats. This provides fiberglass boat owners the opportunity to put a planer board storage system right in the center of the action, which helps take care of those expensive planer boards! It can also be used in any standard gunnel track system and paired up next to rod trees or rod holders. 

Add the optional tool caddy to your unit by selecting the tool caddy model from the drop down! This gives you even better storage for your tools, including pliers, scissors, shears and more! 

Click HERE to see a video showing the optional tool caddy in action! 

Click HERE to see the Planer Board Tree Installation Instructions. 

This STANDARD STYLE planer board tree system holds many of the most popular planer boards. It will hold boards that are 3.5'' wide or less planer boards that do not have a rear pin extending beyond 3.5'' or a keel will fit in the standard style.

Below are a few of the planer board models that this unit holds. 

  • Offshore OR12's - With or Without Tattle Flags
  • Yellowbird size 50, 100 and 600 - With or Without Flags 
  • Gator - With or Without Flags 
  • Cabelas Advanced Angler - With or Without Flags 
  • Opti- standard/medium size and mini size - With Flags
  • Krazy Wolf - With Flags 
Construction High Density Plastics, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel Fasteners 
Installation Fits any standard 3'' track system
Dimensions 22.5'' x 11.25'' x 5.5''
Weight 7lbs 
** Planer boards and accessories in the pictures are not included **
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