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Rapala DHJ-12 Husky Jerk - Top 3 Stock Color Combo Pack

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Three pack of Rapala Deep Diving Husky Jerk Crankbaits in size 12, 4 3/4'' Long. These are the TOP 3 stock colors used on the Fishing Addiction Gear boat! You can buy all 25 stock colors or start with the TOP 3 that climbed their way to the top! They are proven to be consistent walleye catching machines after many hours on the water trying different colors! These three colors are always in the water when trolling on Lake Erie in the early spring, fall and winter. They are well know for their success in the colder water temperature applications with the tight wobbling action they have. They run true right out of the box and require very little tuning maintenance. Also grab some snap weights HERE to increase the diving depth by double! 

This 3 Pack Includes 1 of Each Color Listed Below: 

  • Hot Tiger
  • Silver Blue
  • Clown

    Lure Details:

    Maximum Diving Depth - 20 ft without any added weight. Dive Chart for this lure is available on the Precision Trolling Data app.