Reel Calibration Kit

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We have put together a kit for line counter reel calibration! This kit contains everything you need to calibrate your line counter reels. This kit also includes a detailed, 2 page step by step printed instruction that is packed full of information! This is extremely helpful to have for this line counter calibration process! The printout also includes the recipe that we use to calibrate our Okuma Coldwater 203D reels. Calibrating your reels is one of the most important things when it comes to trolling. Knowing where your lure is at in the water column is critical when targeting suspended fish like walleye. Get calibrated and get more fish! Line counter reels are only accurate if you spool up the proper amount of line and calibrate them. Many new anglers aren't aware of this and eventually find out after asking why they aren't consistently catching fish when others are. Lure dive charts are based on calibrated reels. If your reels aren't calibrated, you are not putting your lures where you think you are! 

Kit Includes: 

  • 100' tape measure - Qty 1
  • Stakes - Qty 2
  • Gator Grip Clip - Qty 1
  • Carabiner and ring to connect Clip to Stake - Qty 1
  • Printed Instructions - Qty 1

Click HERE to add spools of the 12# Blaze Orange line we use for trolling! Click HERE to add spools of backer line. Click HERE to add reels! NOTE** We use the 12# Blaze Orange for mainline and the 20# Lake and Stream Line as our backer line. Our included recipe in the instructions is based on these lines being spooled on the Okuma Coldwater 203D Reels. 

Colors of components will vary based on availability. The stakes are typically either black, green or orange. Line, rods and reels in pictures are not included. See the included item list above for kit contents. Other pictured items available in separate listings. 

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