Q: How do the units attach to the seat base? 

A: The seat base models attach to any seat base with the provided 4 stainless steel 1.5'' fasteners. The units are made to attach to any common seat base, regardless of the manufacturer. The customer must have their own seat base and seat post to attach the unit to. If they do not have a seat base and seat post, we do carry the most common types. The units can also be purchased as a track mount version to mount to any common 3'' track system, if you don't have a seat post application. This includes Berts, cisco, cannon, traxtech, etc. We also carry 6'' and 12'' track. 

You can also Click HERE to see our installation video on Youtube. 

Q: Can custom units be made, other than the stock options on the website? 

A: Yes! Use the contact us form to request a custom order or send us a message on our Facebook page. 

Q: Can the 4 caddy or 2 caddy seat base mount systems be made to fit into track systems? 

A: Yes! If you do not have a seat base/seat post system in your boat that will work well. You will want to order the track mount version. If you already have a seat base version, you can order just the track mount riser to convert any seat base mount to a track mount. This will attach to the bottom of your unit and slide right into your track system. Custom risers can also be made any height the customer desires. They will be made to mount to any standard 3'' track system such as: berts custom, traxtech, cannon and cisco. 

Q: What are the units made from?

A: All waterproof components. The caddies and the units themselves are made from High Density plastics. All fasteners and additional components are made from either anodized aluminum or stainless steel to ensure a tough, time tested product! 

Q: Will planer boards fit into the Caddy system with tattle flags? 

A: Yes! Offshore OR12, Church Boards, Gator Boards and many more fit with flag systems installed. 

Q: Will the planer boards or tools stay secure when running in rough water? 

A: Absolutely! We tested these units for years before releasing to the market. The planer boards and tools will sit tight in the caddy system's when under way on the water! 

Q: Are the caddy system's warrantied? 

A: Yes! All of our caddy systems are covered under a lifetime manufacturers warranty. This covers any and all product defects due to manufacturing. The warranty does not cover events outside of manufacturing defects. For example; If you drop your unit onto the concrete and break it, the warranty does not cover. If a component breaks during normal use, it will be covered.