Walleye Trolling Diver Leaders

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After lots of time and testing, the diver leaders we have used for years are now available! Let one of the anglers on our team handle the tedious task of tying these walleye leaders so you can spend more time enjoying our great sport! These are made with one of our Size #2 Pro-Spin Ball Bearing Snap Swivels on one end and one of our Size #2 Pro-Lock Duolock Snaps on the other end. 20# Seaguar fluorocarbon line. Every leader is tied by hand, by us here in Ohio. Just like our Perch Rigs, we test every rig for quality and strength. To use simply clip the snap to the lure and the snap swivel to the diver or mainline snap. Use them for all kinds of walleye trolling! Use with bottom bouncers, dipsy divers, tadpole divers, tru-trip divers, jet divers and more! As with any other fishing line, these will not last forever. We make each one the same way we have always made them for our trips. You will get many trips out of a single leader, but they will eventually wear out. Inspect for wear/weak spots over time and replace as needed. Sold 1 per each. Shipped in one of our heavy duty 4 mil poly bags, making storage of the leaders easy and reusable. 

NOTE: When compared to our Walleye Trolling Leaders, these are nearly the same overall but these have an additional snap on the swivel. The extra snap is so they can quickly connect to divers. The trolling leader doesn't have this snap because you tie it direct to your mainline or attach to your mainline snap. 

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