Mayfly Magic Rig

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These are our NEW Mayfly Magic Rigs! We worked on them for the last year and finally have them available. These are a small profile, compact casting harnesses. The smaller profile of this rig really shines during mayfly and bug hatches. They come with a removable 3/4 oz slim casting weight. These slim weights help to cast the rigs out further and cut through water better than a standard egg sinker. Just slip the loop through the sinker and clip the rig onto the main line. They are 18'' in length, which allows them to cast easily. They come in 6 colors. 5 colors are size 3 Colorado blades and the Hammered Hoosier color is a size 3 Indiana blade. If you haven't tried casting for walleye, you are missing out! Keep it simple and have a blast. It's a nice break from trolling and so much fun to have rod in hand action! Cast out, count down and catch fish. Each rig comes with instructions on the back of the package, which also includes a sink rate reference for this specific size sinker. Choose your colors and get geared up for the casting season! These can also be ran with inline weights and all other traditional crawler harness methods. They are also effective when ran above shallow weeds or in heavy cover with the single hook design. 

Hand made right here in the USA!

Rig Details: 2.25'' long. 18'' Long overall. 17# Line. Size 2 VMC hook. Size 3 Blades. 3/4 oz sinker included. 

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