Panfish Slammer Rig

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After months of testing, we bring you our Panfish Slammer Rigs! Available in red or gold hooks! These panfish rigs are made from the same tried and true components as our perch rigs. Made STRONG to hold up to lots of fish. Every rig is pull tested for quality and strength before being packaged. Made with rock solid, sticky sharp size 6 hooks. These hooks are the perfect size for bluegill and other panfish. The hooks are tied on droppers and hang away from the mainline to "float" in the water. Swivel up top to attach to your mainline and a snap on the bottom to clip on your sinker. Tip with red worms, wax worms, crawlers, minnows, leeches, any kind of live bait! Great for bluegills when they are "bedding". Cast beyond the beds and drag the rig across them. The hooks are eye level and drive em' nuts! You can direct tie your mainline to the swivel and use them under a float or bobber! On a float, you can clip on a weight or add a few split shot. Run them on a tip down or dead stick ice fishing. Strong enough to handle walleye and other larger species you may run into when dead sticking! 

Click HERE to see the Perch Slammer Rig, which is the big brother of this rig. 

Click HERE to add some rig weights. 

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