3-1-23 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

March is here and spring is in the air! With the warm winter and off/on recent warmer temps, the western basin of Lake Erie is wide open and the water is warming up by the day. With the up and down weather we have been having it's hard to say exactly when the walleye spawn will start, but it could be a little early if the water temp and other conditions cooperate. The next full moons are on March 7th and April 6th. Depending what the weather does, we could see some spawning activity before you know it. You can bet the April 6th full moon period will have some spawning activity but the March 7th full moon period may be a little tight. Keep in mind walleye will spawn in stages and not one single condition dictates what happens when, but the water temp and moon phase are major known contributing factors. The water temp in the western basin has been hanging around 37/38 degrees. Although that's a little cold yet for the spawn to start, its warm enough to support the spawning migration and will get the fish moving into some serious pre-spawn patterns. The earliest we have done consistently well jigging the spawning grounds on the reef complex is the last two weeks of March, so we will see what the weather does! It could be a year where we have some early bird activity in the last few weeks of March. Time will tell and mother nature will decide, but be ready! 

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing


Launch Location - Huron, OH Area of Lake Erie

Trip Date - 2/26/23

Captain Denny Sharrone with 22 Sportfishing Charters provides us with the details of this fishing report. 

Fished out of Huron with teammate Bobby Greene and fellow charter captain buddy Todd Arganti. The water was still really muddy so we had to do some looking for the best clarity. We marked fish everywhere but the water was really churned up in most areas. Once we found the right water clarity we had good marks and a steady pick of walleye. White body Bandit Walleye Deep and Rapala Deep Husky 12's were best for us. We found our best lead length program to be 65-80' back behind the Off Shore Boards. Our speed was 1.1mph. We targeted a water depth of 28-30'. The surface water temp was 38 degrees. We had a great day on the water! We caught our limit but released all fish this trip.
Lake Erie Walleye