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2 Caddy Track Mount Standard- Holds Offshore and Many More!

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The 2 Caddy track mount system is designed to fit right into all standard 3'' track systems. It will fit Berts, Traxtech, Cannon, Cisco, to name a few. The unit comes with thumb screws to lock it in place. It comes with a tool holder. It has 2 holes, each  3/4'' to hold scissors, pliers, etc. This unit will hold up to 6 planer boards. It can also hold other fishing gear such as dispy divers, stern planers, jet divers, etc. 

This STANDARD STYLE 2 caddy track mount system holds many of the most popular planer boards. It will hold boards that are 3.5'' wide or less planer boards that do not have a rear pin extending beyond 3.5'' or a keel will fit in the standard style.

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Below are a few of the planer board models that this unit holds. 

  • Offshore OR12's - With or Without Tattle Flags
  • OR38 - Crappie Fishing Model 
  • Yellowbird size 50, 100 and 600 - With or Without Flags 
  • Gator - With or Without Flags 
  • Cabelas Advanced Angler - With or Without Flags 
  • Opti- standard/medium size and mini size - With Flags
  • Krazy Wolf - With Flags 
Construction High Density Plastics, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel Fasteners 
Installation Fits any standard 3'' track system
Dimensions 11.25'' x 6'' x 9.25''
Weight 3.25lbs 
** Planer boards and accessories in the pictures are not included **
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