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2 Caddy Track Mount Modified- Holds Church Tackle and Many More!

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The 2 Caddy track mount system is designed to fit right into all standard 3'' track systems. It will fit Berts, Traxtech, Cannon, Cisco, to name a few. The unit comes with thumb screws to lock it in place. It comes with a tool holder. It has 2 holes, each  3/4'' to hold scissors, pliers, etc. This unit will hold up to 4 planer boards.

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 The 2 Caddy MODIFIED STYLE holds all of the popular boards that the Standard Style holds but is modified to accommodate larger boards that cannot fit in the standard style. This includes the church tackle boards that have rear pins and keels. The modified style holds a max of 4 boards. Below are a few of the planer board models that this unit holds, in addition to the boards the standard model holds. 

  • Church Tackle Walleye Board - With or Without Flags
  • Church TX-22 Special - With or Without Flags
  • Church TX-44- With or Without Flags
  • Church TX-6
  • Dreamweaver Ninja Original ( non flag )
  • Opti - Large and Magnum size - With or Without Flags
  • Offshore SST Pro Magnum - With or Without Flags
  • Yellowbird Extra Large ( 12'' ) 

 Click HERE to see this unit in action while running in rough water! Planer boards stay put in rough water!

Construction High Density Plastics, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel Fasteners 
Installation Fits any standard 3'' track system
Dimensions 11.25'' x 6'' x 9.25''
Weight 3lbs 

** Planer boards, track or accessories in the pictures are not included **
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