Bandit Suspending Minnow

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The new Bandit Suspending Minnow has the same body profile as the original bandit. It has a slightly smaller bill. The big difference is the buoyancy and how it rises very slowly on pauses vs the standard bandit. We tank tested these and the suspending bandit will stay neutrally buoyant on pauses for a few seconds and then eventually comes to a rise very slowly with the body of the lure horizontal. The standard deep walleye bandit rises fast on the pause and has a less natural tail up, head down float to it as it rises. The suspending bandit has the same fish catching rattles as the original. One more tool for the tool box on a tough day! Dives up to 20FT. Grab some snap weights HERE to increase the dive depth by double! 

Lure Details:  4 5/8'' Long. 3/4 oz. Dives 18-20ft. 

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