Captain Jay's Blade Baits - 1/2 oz

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Captain Jay's Blade Baits in 1/2 oz. These have been made famous on Lake Erie for their proven results, year after year. We worked hard over the last year to get these in stock. They have been a staple in our tackle box for years on Lake Erie for walleye. They also work great for smallmouth bass and other predator species. Available in our top 10 colors. There are many days when the fish want the vibrating, erratic jigging action of blade baits, over jigs. When those days happen, HOLD ON! These produce very aggressive strikes that will about rip the rod out of your hand. Clip on the line using a #2 Duo-lock snap. We prefer to jig these using 10# braid with a fluorocarbon leader. Rip them off the bottom and watch the magic happen! Sold per each.

Click HERE to grab some #2 Pro-Lock Duolock Snaps to pair with your blades!

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