Church Tackle Stern Planer

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The Church Tackle Stern Planer is used on the Fishing Addiction Gear boat to run an extra line or two, straight out the back of the boat. We stock the size 005 and size 007. Our favorite is the size 005, which are the perfect size for walleye fishing and smaller species. The size 007 is more commonly used when pulling weighted lines, heavy snap weights or for salmon fishing. At times, stern planers can produce more fish than the side planers. We run the stern planers 250' back from the boat. This keeps them out of the way of the side planers and in the money spot behind the boat. This is where the fish seem to regroup after the boat drives through the school when trolling. The 005 size fit right into our caddy system's or can be stored in the center storage tray on the 4 caddy systems. 

These also work great when trolling in narrow or crowded areas. They can be very helpful when you want to get lures away from the boat but don't want to veer too far outside of the contour lines the boat is running. Running these also creates a super fun experience by allowing the angler to reel in a fish without the drag of the planer board. These have almost zero resistance and all you feel is the fish! Makes it very enjoyable for those who love to feel the fight and rod in hand action. When the bite is hot is can be fun to run crankbaits on spinning gear with the stern planers. It creates a battle like no other with the lighter tackle! 

Click HEREHERE and HERE to see us using them on the Fishing Addiction Gear Boat! 

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