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Custom Bandits

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These are the Fishing Addiction Gear exclusive custom color bandits! These are made from a chrome base deep walleye bandit with an added holographic finish and premium paint/clear coat. These are available for a limited time and will go quickly! These colors will surely help fill the boat with walleye! Wait till you see them in person. The light pops off them like crazy! They will definitely put some flash in the water! The major colors integrated into each design are based off our top 3 stock colors that have been proven fish catching machines! Prepare to see your rods bent over and your planer boards getting SUNK! 

Available in the following color options:

Orange Tiger - per each

Blue Crush - per each

Purple Flash - per each


Get the 3 Pack Kit and get one of each! The kit also comes with a waterproof quick reference bandit dive chart!

3 Pack Kit Includes:

  • Orange Tiger Bandit - 1
  • Blue Crush - 1
  • Purple Flash - 1
  • Waterproof Quick Reference Dive Chart -1 

    Lure Details:

    Maximum Diving Depth - 27 ft. 5/8 oz. 4 3/4'' Long. Dive Chart for this lure is available on the Precision Trolling Data app. Also grab some snap weights from the accessories page to pair with the bandits! Increase the diving depth by almost double!