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Hawg Outdoor Universal Rear Release Clip - 2PK

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This is the Hawg Outdoor Planer Board Release - 2PK 

These rear release clips are tried and true on big water. They are much easier to use than any traditional releases. They are also much easier to squeeze open than traditional releases. This really helps anglers that have dexterity issues in their hands or fingers. They are also much easier to use with cold hands in late fall/trolling. The one handed operation is what truly sets them apart from others! Sold 2 Per Pack.

These install to most standard sized planer boards with the provided 2 screws. Installation is simple, quick and only requires a screwdriver. 

Click below to see videos of the product in action!

VIDEO LINKS ---> Action Video! Action Video 2! Rigging Video! 

Planer Boards these releases will fit:

  • Offshore OR12
  • Church Tackle Planer Boards
  • Gator Boards
  • Opti Tackle Planer Boards
  • Cabelas Advanced Angler Planer Boards 
  • Krazy Wolf Planer Boards 


To operate just pinch the spring loaded lever down to quickly load or to automatically release your line.  Now you don’t ever have to worry about losing your boards again because of weak line clamps or rough seas. A large stainless steel sleeve is used over the retaining pin so you can use this release with all your fishing line types including superbraid.  All stainless hardware combined with super tough engineered acetal plastic that can be used in all weather conditions and is drop, gas and oil resistant.  Install onto the rear of your planer boards with the two stainless steel screws.

Rigging Tip 

These clamps do not pinch the line but instead lets the line slide through the clamp so we suggest that you use a bead in front of your swivel in case the front clamp releases and the board slides back, the bead will prevent the board from sliding past your swivel.  

Key Features 

  • Convert any mid to large size in-line planer board to a spring loaded rear line release
  • One handed operation to automatically release your line
  • Spring loaded release lever - just a simple pinch to move the lever to the load or release position
  • Stainless steel line retaining pin for use with any line type including your superbraid lines
  • All stainless hardware (screws and spring) with super tough acetal plastic

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