Jigging Beads

Jigging Beads - 12PK

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These clear jigging beads can be used when jigging for walleye or perch fishing. Add these to your main line or leader between your rod tip and snap/swivel. This prevents the snap/swivel from being reeled into the rod tip. The bead will act as a stopper and protect the rod tip. This really helps prevent the snap/swivel being reeled into the rod tip when perch fishing since the angler is so focused on lifting the perch over the gunnel. When focused on raising the perch or multiple perch over the side, it often leads to the snap/swivel getting reeled into the rod tip. These really are just a little extra added safety to help protect your expensive rods. These beads have an average diameter of .230'' - .240'' Sold per 12 pack.

Shown rigged with a snap and swivel. You are getting the 12 clear beads only. 

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