Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver

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These are the popular Luhr Jensen Dipsy Divers! Size zero dives up to 40' and Size one dives up to 70' when trolled with 20lb monofilament line. Will dive deeper if trolled with braid or wire line. We use this on the Fishing Addiction Gear Boat to run spoons, shallow diving crankbaits, and worm harnesses. Gets your lures down quick and can be ran at high speeds. The adjustable trip mechanism can be to set to your application. Tighten the screw and it requires more pressure to release and vice versa. Can also be set to a 0, 1, 2 or 3 setting to plane the diver off to one side of the boat. The higher the setting, the further they run off the side of the boat. You can set them to plane left or right. A zero setting runs them straight back and dives the quickest.

Click HERE to see a quick video on Dipsy Divers.

Click HERE to add some of our Diver Leaders. 

Choose between the size 0 or the size 1. 

Size 0

  • 3-1/4''
  • Dives to 40'
  • Clear Color 

Size 1

  • 4-1/8''
  • Dives to 70'
  • Black Color 

Get some scorpion spoons to go with them by clicking HERE. Sold per each.

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