Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip 1X Treble Hook

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Increase your hook ups with the Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hooks! These are premium treble hooks. Standard length shank. We use these on the Fishing Addiction Gear Boat to upgrade and replace treble hooks on all of the lures we use. These work great for walleye trolling crankbaits including the popular Bandit Deep Walleye, WNC Reapers, Rapala Husky Jerks, Flicker Minnows and more! They also work for spoons, blade baits, any lures with treble hooks! Choose between size 4 or size 6. Also choose between pack sizes of 6, 12 or 24. The 24 pack comes with one of our branded storage cups. See the reference chart below for our recommended hook size replacements for different lures we use and sell. 

Suggested Hook Size Replacement Chart

Bandit Walleye Deep Size 4
Bandit Walleye Shallow Size 4
WNC Reaper Size 4
WNC SB Reaper Size 4
Badmo Arrowhead 3.5'' Spoon Size 4
Rapala DHJ-14 Size 4
Storm Original Hot N Tot Size 4
WNC LIL Reaper Size 6
WNC LIL SB Reaper Size 6
WNC Shaky Shad 7 Size 6
Rapala DHJ-12 Size 6
Berkley Flicker Minnow 9 Size 6
Michigan Stinger Scorpion Spoon Size 6
Blade Baits Size 6

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