Off Shore OR36 Tadpole Divers

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Off Shore Tackle OR36 Resettable Tadpole Divers. We use the tadpole divers with our crawler harnesses, spoons, and shallow diving crankbaits. Clip your main line to the upper snap in the dive position. Clip your leader to the snap on the back of the diver. You can actually remove the stock coast lock snap from the top of the diver and clip your mainline #2 duo-lock snap to it, which is how we fish them. See the pictures showing the stock snaps removed and other snaps and swivels being used. Tailor them to your needs by swapping out the types of swivels and clips for your applications. When a fish strikes, the divers top snap will slide to the front of the diver, allowing less drag when fighting the fish. We use size 1 in the western basin most often. The size 2 and 3 are more commonly used by the Lake Erie islands areas and east. The magnum size is used when targeting deep water fish. The magnum are also very popular for anglers targeting salmon. These divers are killer on any inland body of water or all other great lakes. The dive chart for these divers can be found on the Precision Trolling Data App. Sold per each.

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Choose between sizes 1, 2, 3 or Magnum

  • Size 1 - 1 ounce
  • Size 2 - 1.3 ounces
  • Size 3 - 3 ounces
  • Magnum - 4.5 ounces

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