Quick Detach Riser Plate

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The quick detach riser plate can be used with any of our current model track mount risers and/or track mount caddy systems. This quick detach plate allows you to quickly and easily remove your riser from your caddy. Without this plate, the riser gets permanently mounted to the caddy, making them 1 piece. Once the caddy and riser are mated together, it can be a little cumbersome when storing or removing from the boat for other styles of fishing. This plate will allow you to remove the caddy from the riser, so you can store them separately. This is a very nice added feature, especially if you are using one of the taller risers. Each plate comes with 4 of our premium stainless thumb screws, 1 hex key allen wrech and 4 stainless mounting screws. Using a common drill and #2 phillips bit, you can install the plate to the bottom of your caddy system in minutes. If you are going to rarely remove the plate, thread-locker is recommended to be used on the thumb screws to help ensure the vibration from the boat/trailering process doesn't back them out. Check each thumb screw for tightness before each trip and especially after long runs in rough water.  

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NOTE: This quick detach plate isn't compatible with old model track mount risers from previous years. If you purchased a track mount caddy system or riser prior to 2023, you will need to get a new riser if you wish to add this feature to your old/existing caddy system. 

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