Seat Posts and Seat Bases

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If you don't have an existing seat post or an existing seat base to mount your seat base style planer board caddy unit on, you can buy them both direct from us. NOTE: You need a seat base AND a post. These are two separate items. See images. We offer both of the most common seat post brands in the popular 2 3/8'' models. Most aluminum boats come equipped with a 2 3/8'' style seat post system throughout the boat. Some manufactures use Springfield, some use Atwood Swivel-Eze. You will need to review the pictures and notes below to confirm the style you need. The seat base that we offer works with either brand of seat post. It will only work with 2 3/8'' systems. It will not work with other size seat post systems. ** If you need a seat post AND a seat base, you will have to add them both to the cart separately.  **

Springfield Seat Post Details

  • 15'' fixed seat post
  • 2 3/8'' Diameter
  • This brand/style comes with a keyway channel down the side of it
  • The keyway channel aligns with the floor mount on the boat itself and keep the post from rotating 

Attwood Swivel-Eze Seat Post Details

  • 13'' fixed seat post
  • 2 3/8'' Diameter
  • This brand/style has a snap lock system on the bottom end of the post
  • There is no keyway channel on this post, as that design is only on the Springfield systems

Seat Base 

  • Fits both styles of 2 3/8'' seat posts listed above
  • Use with the seat post you buy from us or with your existing 2 3/8'' seat post
  • Comes with a friction control knob to control how freely your unit rotates
  • You can tighten the knob down all the way and your unit will not move at all
  • Mounts right to the bottom of any of our seat base style planer board systems with the provide stainless steel hardware. 

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