Slow-Spin Crawler Rig

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The Slow Spin Crawler Rig is designed to be trolled, drifted or retrieved at slow speeds of .7 - 1.2mph. When the fish want it slow, this rig works very well. It's simple, yet effective. Hand tied right here in the USA. These rigs are 36'' long with the same 17# line we use on our other harnesses. They are equipped with a Size 2 Mustad Slow Death Hook. The added swivel helps to reduce line twist. To use, thread a nightcrawler on the hook, head first. Thread it a little beyond the hook eye and onto the line itself. The line tag and hook eye help act as a keeper. The Mustad Slow Death hook barbs near the hook eye to help keep the worm on the hook as well. Pinch the worm off with 1/2'' - 1'' of worm hanging past the hook shank. The bend in the hook will force the worm to slowly spin in a death circle. This action drives walleye and other predator fish wild! Run behind a bottom bouncer, inline weight or add some split shot! Available "naked" with no beads or you can choose from 4 colors. The beaded version of our slow spin rigs are rigged with a colored foam float bead to increase buoyancy and add a pop of color. 

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