Smithwick Perfect 10

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The Classic Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue! Also known as the P10! This is an amazing crankbait in cold water. Weather you are casting from shore or trolling in a boat, these are a must have! We run these with 2 oz snap weights, primarily in the colder months. These have a deadly rogue rolling action to them. The tungsten rattles create a fish calling noise that they can't resist. Dives to 10ft with no added weight. Increase the diving depth to 40ft with 2oz snap weights! Click HERE to get some snap weights. 

Lure Details: Maximum Diving Depth with 2oz snap weight- 40 ft. 5/8 oz. 5 1/2'' Long. Dive Chart for this lure is available on the Precision Trolling Data app. 

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