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2oz Snap Weight. This is the size used on the precision trolling data lure app and dive charts. No need for a bunch of different sizes, the 2oz is all you need. These clips have a pin behind the line pad to keep them from falling off your line. Sold per each.

Choose from the Offshore OR16 version or the Pro-Snap version. BOTH styles have a pin in the pad to keep the release from falling off the line. Get your lures down twice as deep with these snap weights! Using a 2oz snap weight with the popular Bandit Deep Walleye crankbait increases the lures maximum diving depth from 22FT to 44FT! See comparison between the two different options below. 

Offshore OR16 Version - Far superior of the two options. Stays clipped and in place on the line MUCH better. Due to these clips having a heavy duty spring, it is harder to open the clip. Pin in pad to hold the clip on the line. Stays put on the line with no slip on mono. The red rubber pads inside these clips grip the line much better. Made in USA. 

Pro-Snap Version- Cost effective of the two options. Easier to open with the lighter spring, but has much less holding power. Requires a wrap around the clip for most line types or it will slip down the line. Pin in pad to hold the clip on the line. The black rubber pads inside these clips do not grip the line as well as the OR16 version, which is another reason why they require the line to be wrapped around the clip. Made in China. 

Click HERE to see a quick video of the snap weight 50 Plus 2 method explained.  

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