Snap Weight Kit

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These snap weight kits contain 6 ready to go, fully assembled 2oz snap weights. Compare these to other kits that give you less clips and more of the weights you don't need. Most only come with 4 clips, ours comes with 6! Buy the kit that has what you will USE!

Choose either the Offshore OR16 Snap Weight Kit or the Pro-Snap Weight Kit.  The 2oz Snap weight is what's used on the precision trolling data lure app and dive charts. No need for a bunch of different sizes, the 2oz is all you need. The clip has a pin behind the line pad to keep it from falling off your line. Get your lures down twice as deep with these snap weights! Using a 2oz snap weight with the popular Bandit Deep Walleye crankbait increases the lures maximum diving depth from 22FT to 44FT!

Click HERE to see the snap weight 50/50 method explained! 

Each kit contains the following: 

  • 6 - Clips
  • 6 - Split Rings
  • 6 - 2oz Weights 
  • 1 Storage Box

Choose from the OR16 version or the Pro-Snap version from the drop down menu. BOTH styles have a pin in the pad to keep the clip from falling off the line. 

Offshore OR16 Version - Superior of the two options. Holds line better but is much harder to open the clip. Stronger spring, pin in pad to hold the clip on the line. 

Pro-Snap Version- Cost effective of the two options. Easier to open but requires a wrap around the clip for most line types. Lighter spring, pin in pad to hold the clip on the line. 

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