Trolling Beads - 12 PK

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Use trolling beads to prevent the snap from being reeled into the rod tip. Reeling the snap into the rod tip can damage the ceramic guide and cause line wear and break offs. Also helps keep cottonwood, mayfly larva and weeds off the bill of your lure, keeping the action right. Trolling beads also help keep track of rods by referencing bead color. You can also reel the bead tight to the rod tip for easier rod storage. Use them as a stopper to tie off freshly calibrated trolling reels! This makes an easy way to tie off the tag end until the reel is put into service. Also use these beads on your main line when perch fishing to avoid reeling your snap or rig into the rod tip. 12 per pack. Choose bead color from the drop down.  

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