Trolling Reel Backer Line

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This is the 20# line that we use when filling our trolling reels with backer line. We stock two different spool sizes/brands, although they are interchangeable with the same .018 average line diameter. Most often, we only use 400-500ft of good main line on our planer board rods when trolling for walleye. Since most trolling reels hold 1000+ ft of line, you do not want to fill the entire spool with expensive main line. Fill your spool up with this cost effective backer line, then splice in your main line. We splice our line with a blood knot. When it's time to replace your main line, cut it at the knot and replace main line only. This backer filler line will last many seasons. When putting your backer line on, you want it to pack tightly. To do this, make sure you fill the spool with a good amount of tension. Depending on the size reels you have and how much main line you run, you should plan on putting on 330-410 FT of backer line per reel. Larger reels may require almost a whole spool of backer line. Keep this in mind when ordering. Details on each type of line below. 

Lake & Stream Clear 20# 275LY

  • 20# - 275 Yards per spool ( 825 FT )
  • Average line diameter of .018
  • If using our recipe, you should get approx 2 reels filled with backer.

Berkley Big Game Clear 20# 650LY

  • 20# - 650 Yards per spool ( 1950 FT )
  • Average line diameter of .018
  • If using our recipe, you should get approx 4 reels filled with backer.

Click HERE to see our reel calibration kits! Click HERE to add some backer line! 

Rods, reels and calibration kit items in pictures are not included. See our other listings to purchase these items. 

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