Venom Vibra-Max Blade Bait - 5/8 oz

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Venom Vibra Max 5/8 with the new death hooks! When the jig bite is off or the water is dirty, the Venom Vibra-Max blade bait will help fill the cooler with WALLEYE! You will always find blade baits tied on when aboard the Fishing Addiction Gear Boat! These are KILLER on Lake Erie for the spring jig bite! Jig the blade bait erratically in short snaps to entice strikes! Most fish will be caught when doing a 1ft snap jig off the bottom. Each time you jig the lure, you will feel the vibration it puts off into the water. This attracts the walleye and on some days, drives them nuts! Blade baits are not only KILLER for spring and fall walleye but they also put a hurting on smallmouth bass and many other species! 5/8 oz. Sold 1 per each.

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