47 Year Anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald

47 years ago today the Edmund Fitzgerald sank to the bottom of Lake Superior. 29 crewman went down with the ship. Today we remember the lost souls that never came home. We must all remember how powerful the Great Lakes can be. Things can change quickly. An interesting side note, the ship was made in River Rouge Michigan, which is right on the Detroit River. Captain Mike first got addicted to walleye fishing on the Detroit River and spent a lot of time fishing the mouth of the River Rouge where it fed into the Detroit River. Many walleye have been jigged up from right where the ship was built and where it traveled on the Detroit River. The final voyage of the ship was set to land at Zug Island on the Detroit River, which is another known landmark and walleye hot spot. Cool to think about catching fish from under the ships historical float path but still a very sad day in history. Rest in peace crewman 🙏