Planer Board Bite Detection

Rigging to release
Running planer boards is one of the most effective ways to fill the cooler quickly. In order to do this, you must learn how to run them in a line and be able to read the line of planer boards. Once you get comfortable, you will come to learn that seeing a board shoot back is like watching a bobber go down but WAY more fun! Setting your boards in a line makes it easy to monitor them and notice when one starts pulling out of line. Sometimes they very slowly pull out of line just enough to make you wonder and sometimes they SHOOT back. This depends on the size/weight of the fish, which of course in turn controls the amount of drag on that specific line. When a board line snags floating debris, weeds, sticks and small fish the board will often act like it doesn't want to stay in line but doesn't quite "pull back". This is a good time to snap the rod and release the board " if rigging to release ", let it come around to the back center and bring it in to check for a small fish, weeds, etc. Don't try and quickly "check it" by reeling over the other lines or of course you will have a mess. Pop it to release, keep tension but let it come around the other lines to the center and then bring it in. When one does SHOOT back, be ready for someone to get jacked up and yell FISH ON!