04-18-24 Lake Erie Walleye Report

4-18-24 Lake Erie Walleye Report - Islands Area 🎣
It isn't always easy, but I always put in 100 percent effort to try to make it happen. Today was no exception.
We started the day marking loads of fish in the right color water. But only had one sub legal fish to show for it. I had planned to go west but ended up running east of the Islands. A buddy had 3 fish out west at that time and since 3 is more than 0, I rolled the dice and made the long run west in pretty bumpy conditions. We put 45 miles in today, but the cooler was heavy, so I was happy. We ended up west of the Islands.
A deep husky in blue chrome put in work today at 100 back. But this custom Reaper was lights out today, 45 back. I apologize I don't recall who painted this one, but it was on fire today. We also caught fish on Hit Sticks, Bandits and one on a Mad Eye Minnow. Leads were anywhere from 45 back to 110 back. We had decent success on a Bandit 30/30 with a 2oz too, but it died off later in the day. Speed was 1.5.
I have some dates available for April and May. Fishing will only get better from here! - Captain Bobby Greene 🛥️ Meals On Reelz Charters