04-28-24 Lake Erie Walleye Report

4/28/24 Lake Erie Walleye Report - Oak Harbor Ohio
The south wind was blowing enough first thing to make jigging difficult. With two drift socks and the terrova running, we were able to maintain a productive drift speed until the wind got too out of hand. We pulled 8 of our 12 fish jigging. We used Venom hair jigs in the 3/4 oz John Deere Green today and Captain Jays blades for our jig fish. Once the wind got to be too much of a pain for jigging, we switched to trolling. The Bandit Suspending cranks quickly pulled our last 4 fish. We trolled and jigged in 15-18' of water NE of the launch. The suspending model bandits continue to outproduce the original in springtime temps for us. The Lake has started to calm down as of 11am. The mud from yesterday was pushed east. Clean water in close and out from Fenwick Marina. 👍 GET ADDICTED. GET FISH. 👍