1-8-23 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

New year, same story! The first fishing report for 2023 starts where 2022 left off. A livewelll full of walleye and a good time had by all! Captain Denny and his crew had another great day on Lake Erie. Everyone be safe out there and remember to do your boat safety checks before heading out this winter! 

Lake Erie Walleye FishingReady, Set, Let's Go Fishing!


Launch Location - Lorain, OH Area of Lake Erie

Captain Denny Sharrone with 22 Sportfishing Charters provides us with the details of this fishing report. 

Fished out of Lorain this trip. Our best bite was in 45 fow. Bandits and P10's did the work today. The Bandit program was 25/25 with 2 oz snap weights. The P10 program was 30/30 with 2 oz snap weights. We kept our speed at 1.3 mph. The fish were very finicky and in a neutral mood. Every little detail added to the overall success. I had to keep working the boat to trigger fish to strike. Inside and outside turns were critical to trigger bites. Both inside and outside turns were equally productive. They didn't want it fast or slow, they just wanted it different or a quick change. We ended the day on a nice double, which is about the best you can ask for in January! The lake was as flat as it gets, which made it very comfortable fishing. The air temp was 34 degrees, so we were bundled up tight! Good luck to everyone! 
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Doubled up!

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