10-18-2023 Lake Erie Walleye Report

Lake Erie Walleye
Lake Erie walleye fishing report from captain Bob with Meals on Reelz Charters. Fishing east of Kelly's Island. As we get further into October, the bite will steadily improve and the fish will continue to filter back into the western end of the lake in greater numbers. The action should be nothing short of stellar for the fall 2023 season. Be sure to do those boat safety checks as we get into the cold water time of the year! 
It was slooooww going at first. We really had to work hard to get them going. We caught a few on each slide and lost a few as well. I made a very minor move of about 3/4 of a mile south of the line I had been working and had a great slide to finish it off.
Reapers, Precision Walleye Cranks (PWC's) and Bandits. Or should I say Bandit..... Reaper's and PWC's were by far the better performing duo. I caught 2 fish on Bandits today. Both on a weighted Bandit 40/60 with a 2oz snap weight. My best lead on Reaper's was 100, PWC's 65 to 85 back. Speed was around 2mph SOG.
We caught some very nice fish! Even though we had to work to get them, it was well worth the effort 👌. I have some days available next week if anyone is looking to get out!
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing