11-19-2021 Lake Erie Walleye Report

Lake Erie Walleye Report
11-19-21 - Erie Islands Area
Fished a little east of our normal stomping grounds this evening and had a great night on the water. Found a few different active pods of fish with our best bite in 30-32ft. We also had a decent bite going in tighter in 25-27ft but that dried up and we moved further out. At 4pm the bite was ON 🔥 Same story today, we caught them way up high or down low. Didn't find active fish in between. Water temp was 51 degrees. Speed was 1.7-2 mph. Some people we talked to said they only caught a few thought you need to be going 1.2mph right now, nope. Just because the air is cold to us, doesn't mean the water is that cold quite yet. We got a ways to go before we have to slow down that much folks. Remember to play with your speed and pay attention to your turns that produce fish. We troll as fast as we can to cover water and run our lures in front of as many walleye as we can. It can change the outcome tremendously. Shaky Shads at 60 back Bandits at 30 and 90 back and Rapala DHJ-12s on snap weights 50/23 did the damage. Goldigger Shaky, Clown Rapala and our Purple Flash and Storm Chaser Bandits. We lost an 8-9# walleye right at the net and broke off on one tonight as well. The bigger fish are definitely on the feed! No weigh fish but we caught numerous 6-7# fish tonight. Caught our limit and released a handful as well. Gorgeous night on the water after the stiff wind let up. 🐟