11-7-2023 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Lake Erie Walleye Report

Now that the water is back down in the 50 degree area, we are seeing more movement with the annual Lake Erie walleye migration. The fish are filtering west more and more each day. East of the Lake Erie Islands to Cleveland will remain many anglers target areas over the upcoming month. Although we don't have any recent reports from areas west of the Islands, if you look back at our prior year reports on here, you will see that this is the time of year when we would see the Camp Perry firing range area heat back up. The fish should be staged in good numbers now or in the upcoming days. Focus on 26-32' of water and you should find good numbers of feeding walleye. As the water cools, don't be surprised to find the best bite late morning/mid day as the water warms up a little and fish rise in the column and activity increases. Mix it up and target the high fish, mid column fish and low fish each day, as they take turns deciding which ones want to feed. During fall, there are days where the fish up high are most active. Other days, you have to run deep with snap weights. Don't be afraid to target both. 

Fishing Report for 11-7/23 from Captain Greg

Captain Greg with Twisted Lines Lake Erie Charters LLC got it done yesterday out of Huron. A mix of P10's, Bandits and Deep Husky Jerks. Best leads were 20/20 with a 2oz weight and 80 back unassisted. Fished south of Huron dump in 30 to 33 fow. Speed was 1.8 mph. Get in on the action!

 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing