11-7-22 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Launch Location: Vermilion, Ohio

Captain Denny Sharrone had another excellent day out on Lake Erie! This beautiful fall day allowed for a great bite and some great size fish. Anytime you can get out from here until ice out will typically yield good results. The fish definitely have the winter feedbag on and are fattening up for winter! Make sure to keep safety in mind as the water is cooling down fast. Life jackets when running from spot to spot are always a good idea. In Captains class, we learned that hypothermia sets in quick in these cool waters and having a life jacket on increases your odds of survival drastically!

Captain Denny's Report 

37' of water was best for the bite they found today. White bodied Bandit Walleye Deep cranks were most productive early in the trip. 60-100' back unassisted and 2 oz snap weights at 50/2oz/70-90 total for the deeper fish. Once the sun came up, Rapala DHJ12's became the hot lures. Anything chrome in the Deep Husky Jerks was doing well. 2 mph was their most productive speed today. Another example of why you want to have a mix of lures in your boat at all times. Some days one style of lure goes cold and another can get red hot! 

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

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