12-10-2021 Lake Erie Walleye Report

12-10-21 Lake Erie Walleye Report 🐟
Absolutely CRUSHED them today! Amazing average size. Multiple fish over 8# caught and released. Launched west by the islands and quickly found out the water was trashed. Very stirred up and less than 1' of visibility. Ran east until we found decent water and pods of active fish. Ended up running 16 miles from the launch. Ended up running past Huron. We finally got lines set on a pod around 10am. We instantly had a QUAD right off the bat and it was game on! 💥 By 11am we were playing catch and release. We couldn't keep rods in the water. One of the fastest limits we had this year. Caught and released a TON of fish. Stopped counting after 20. Lots of big girls today. Husky HJ12s were killer off snap weights, catching our biggest fish. Bandits, and Flicker Minnow 9s caught a bunch. On the way out of the channel we witnessed some duck hunters drop a few ducks out of the sky right next to us. That was AWESOME!
Best Leads
Rapala DHJ-12s - Headspin - 50/20 w/2oz snap wt
Bandits- Storm Chaser and Slimer HD- 60-90 back
Flicker Minnow 9 - Purple Bengal 90 back
WNC Reaper - Goldigger 55 back
Depth: 31-36ft
Speed: 1.5
Water temp: 42-44
Lake Erie Walleye