4-6-22 Lake Erie Walleye Report

With the unstable weather this spring, it's made it more difficult to get out on the lake, especially on weekends when most can fish. The western basin has been very stirred up and muddy water for the most part. The water temperature is just getting to 40 degrees. The reef jig bite is just getting going. It's been non-existent up until the last few days. There have been a few reports in the last 72 hours showing some promising signs that the spawn is kicking off. We still need the water to warm up a few degrees to really light things up. The 10 day forecast shows rain and temps steadily in the 50's. This should really get the jig bite going in the next week or so. Trolling has been far more effective since ice out and remains that way as of now. The water clarity has been consistently better east of the islands, as it typically is in the spring. Trolling has been bringing in a much steadier catch rate of fish. With the warming temps, the fish that are grouped up in the Islands areas and East will continue to be on the move West as the water temperatures push them into spawn mode. Trolling speeds are still slow for the most part with the cold water temperatures. 1.3-1.4mph has been the most common, productive trolling speed. As like any other time, fish have been caught high, low and in the middle of the column. Crankbaits behind planer boards are the name of the game in these water temperatures this time of the year. Make sure to put some Rapala DHJ's, P-10's and WNC SB Reapers in the water now and over the upcoming weeks, as this is their time of the year to really shine. Recent reports continue to show a mix of crankbaits producing results and changing daily. Make sure to check the wind, waves and weather before making your trip over to Lake Erie. This spring weather has been unpredictable and unstable. Click HERE  to see our page with links for weather conditions. 

Lake Erie Walleye

Photo Courtesy of Pro-Staff Captain Denny Sharrone with 22 Sport Fishing Charters