5-10-23 Lake Erie Walleye Report

Lake Erie Walleye


Area Fished - Rocky River, OH

Trip Date - 5/10/23

Captain Denny Sharrone with 22 Sportfishing Charters provides us with the details of this fishing report. 

NOW is the time to target the warming shallow waters of Lake Erie walleye with jigs! In my opinion, 52 degrees is the magic number. Walleye are feeding HEAVILY on gobies in the rocks right now. 6-14 feet of water has been the best for us in the last week. Look for large flats (shelves) that drop of into deeper water. 1/2 ounce jigs with 4" paddle tails or long/slender minnow imitation plastics is 👌. Don't be afraid to experiment with retrieves sharp pops and slow pulls both work extremely well depending on fish mood, which can and does change throughout the day. GET FISH!!!
Lake Erie Walleye