5-13-22 Lake Erie Walleye Report

Left the dock around 6am. Started the morning checking different waypoints for marks and water color conditions since we hadn't been out since the big NE blow. Things were still stirred up and the water was off color in most spots we checked. Set lines and got a few nice fish right out of the gate. It then turned into a slow pick for us. Overall it was a tough bite today. We had sprees of action, which kept it fun and at a good pace. Suspending Bandits caught more than anything again today. Pro-Cure helped without a doubt as the ones we ran with Pro-Cure were getting hit more often. No specific lead program as we caught some high, low and in between. 40'-110' back. Best speed was 1.8-2.1mph. Surface water temp was 58 when we started and 60 by noon. Fished 27-31ft of water. The guys were great on the rods today! They also blessed us with some killer sandwiches! 😁 Weather was absolutely beautiful. Light breeze and very enjoyable temps.

Lake Erie Walleye FishingLake Erie Walleye Fishing