5-3-24 Lake Erie Walleye Report

5/3/24 Lake Erie Walleye Report - Oak Harbor, Ohio
Friday evening we left Fenwick Marina and were greeted with a NE wind. The Lake was angry and made things difficult. We started in close in 12' of water and pulled a handful of fish from the mud. Suspending Bandits 40' did the damage in close. We eventually ended up north of the reef complex in 30-32' of water and found a good bite the last 2 hours of daylight. The water was very clean out there. Bandit Walleye Deep & Suspending Bandits both caught at various leads with 2oz snap weights at 68' back being best. The biggest fish fell victim to the " Threadfin " custom color of our Crackle Series Bandits. Our best speed was 1.9-2.4mph. The fish of the day was Kevin's PB and was a beautiful Lake Erie walleye. This fish created a memory that won't soon be forgotten. The night ended with an awesome Lake Erie sunset. Great day on the water.