5-4-24 Lake Erie Walleye Report

5/4/24 Lake Erie Fishing Report - Oak Harbor, OH
Saturday morning we slept in to wait out the NE rollers. It was still plenty rough when we started and it took forever to get out to where we finished the day before. We had lines set around 9:30am in the 30-32' area we pulled fish previously. We pulled a handful of nice fish quickly and then the bite died. After a few passes with nothing going, we made some moves. After a lot of searching and pulling a fish here and there we jigged for a bit. Grabbed a few fish on blade baits but it just wasn't happening. Back to the trolling rods we go. We ended up on a great bite in 16-17' of water. As soon as we got lines set it was a fire drill. Much different from the areas we fished earlier in the day. We had 5 on at once at one point in the shallower water, which was a night and day difference from the rest of the day. There was a transition area that went from clean to stained water and the fish were chomping in that section. Bandit Suspending Minnows and Bandit Walleye Deep 25-60' back did the damage. Speed was 2.5-2.6mph. They wanted it fast. Once the lake laid down a little and we got on a good bite, everyone was slapping high fives. Before it laid down and the bite picked up, we were all feeling beat. The lake was winning. Fortunately we kept at it and got it done and ended on a hot bite. All in all, a slow bite and long runs in big waves made it a very tough day. Sometimes it might look easy, but this was one of those days where it absolutely was NOT. Good luck out there.