6-10-22 Lake Erie Walleye Report - Morning Trip

Launch Location - Fenwick Marina - Oak Harbor, OH

Two trip day. For the morning trip we had a single person book the boat for a learning charter this morning. They wanted to gain more knowledge about targeting Lake Erie Walleye. We hit the water a little after 6am. Went to our waypoints from last weekend and found chalky colored water. The most recent rain and NW wind stirred things up. We headed to a different area and found some decent marks and some better looking water. Set lines on a mud flat in 25' of water. 4 dipsy rods and 5 board rods. Dipsy divers immediately started pulling fish. Our new Custom Color Badmo Spoon in the 2.5" size was KILLER! That spoon took nearly half our fish today. Couldn't buy a bite on cranks. This is why we run both cranks and spoons and let the fish tell us. Spoons did 95% of the damage again today. The only crank that caught today was a shaky shad in gold digger, 60' unassisted. Best dipsy settings were size zero at 48' back on a zero setting and 60-68 back on a 3 setting. Spoons behind tadpoles caught as well but dipsy divers ruled the day by leaps and bounds. Slower today at 2.4mph. Since it was a single person charter we kept the mate and captains fish, otherwise we would have been done in 5 minutes lol. Released a lot with shorts and sheepshead mixed in. Mayflies were at the gas station in decent numbers. Had a few land on the boat while on the water but not bad yet. Afternoon charter in a few hours. Stay tuned! Good luck to everyone! If you are interested in fishing with us, click HERE to check out our Lake Erie Charter Fishing Business Get Fish Charters.
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing