7-1-22 Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Launch Location - Fenwick Marina - Oak Harbor, OH
Happy Independence Day Weekend! Didn't get a lot of pictures today. It was windy and fish were flying in the boat. Didn't have time to do anything this morning other than steer the boat and net fish! 15-16' of water. 2.8-3.3 mph. Went in a figure 8 over the same school and busted em up. Broke out the Storm Rattle Tots and they rattled up some walleye! Also caught on other various cranks but the rattle tots were #1 by far. Also note we don't carry them on our website as they quit making them years ago. Got 6 big sheepshead, even at 3mph! Lost a huge musky at the back of the boat. First musky we had on in the western basin in a long time. Almost netted and it pulled the hook. Water temp still hanging around 77. Clarity was great. Did see a small algae bloom starting. We were done early and fun fished for a few hours. Crazy good action today, hoping it keeps up this steady! 🤘 Good luck and watch out for boats this holiday weekend. If you want to fish with us, Click HERE to go to our Lake Erie Charter fishing website Get Fish Charters. 
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter